List | top 3 albums march '14

Hey lovelies!
Today I'll be sharing some music with you guys, since my test week had begun I'm locked up in my room studying and listening to music trying not to go mad or depressed by my math and physics.
These albums might not be the newest, and I've had them on my IPod a long time already, but lately I've been playing them more than usual.

1.     Pure Heroine by Lorde

Lorde is amazing; she’s young, talented, beautiful, mysterious and a friggin' Grammy winner!
People like her really make me think what the hell I am doing with my life... ;)
This album is so easy to listen to, the infectious melodies, and smart and sassy lyrics just keep floating around in your head.
Some of my personal faves are Tennis Court, (I just can't help singing along) Team (that beat is just perfect) and Ribs (simplicity at its best).
2.     Salute by Little Mix

not only are these girls the first girl group to ever win X-Factor, they are super pretty, super stylish and their music is so hot.
Their music is empowering, pure pop, funky and you can't help to dance and sing along.
My personal favourites are Boy, (break-up anthem!) Competition (perfect for exercising) Mr Loverboy (lounging in the sun with this on the background #heaven) About the boy (Girls night song) and their latest single Move (old school r&b pop perfection)
3.     Clarity by ZEDD

probably everyone knows the title track of this album, with vocals by the amazing Foxes, but the rest of this album is just as amazing, it's pure EDM hotness!
Pairing up with artists like Ellie Goulding, Ryan Tedder and Hayley Williams, ZEDD has created an album that is able to get you totally pumped, perfect for partying but with acoustic versions included also gets you in the roasting marshmallows around a bonfire mood.
Faves of mine include Stay the night ft. Hayley Williams, Push Play ft. Miriam Bryant, Fall into the sky Ft. Ellie Goulding and Shave it up.


Outfit | There's no place I'd rather be

Hi everyone!
I love this weather, the sun is shining so bright, and I have spotted butterflies <3
It's still a little bit too cold to go bare legged, but I'm being optimistic and I'm bringing out the sunnies and sheer tights.
I am in love with this new dress I got in the Primark sale for only €3 it was such a steal, it's sheer and airy and it has a loose fit, it's almost like a smock dress and I love it ^^
Too bad my exam week starts Friday next week, so for now I'll be returning to my cave filled with math, physics, tea, self-pity and some Clean Bandit music.
p.s. if you guys have any tips against split ends be free to share, because I'm in desperate need ^^

xx ish

Round sunnies Vintage, Tartan dress Primark, Leather jacket ZARA, Cut-out boots New Look, Watch Michael Kors.


Personal | Fall Out Boy '14

Hi everyone!
Last night, the 8th of March me and some friends went to the fall out Boy concert in the Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall.
For those of you that aren't familiar with FOB, YouTube/spotify/iTunes them.

Their music is rock but their last album does have a lot of pop influences, and as you may remember I wrote about their album earlier in my top three albums of January.

The concert was absolutely amazing, we didn't have to wait extremely long in line, and once we got in we bought some fangirly fall out boy t-shirts.
The opening act was the band The Pretty Reckless; most of you will probably recognize the lead singer as Taylor Mommsen from Gossip Girl (she played Jenny Humphrey)
I'm also a huge fan of this band so I was extremely happy when I found out they where the opening act.
they played 9 songs including their hit first singe Make me wanna die and the newest single Heaven Knows from their upcoming sophomore album Going to Hell.

Then after a 30 minute wait fall out Boy began their set!!!
They started with an amazing and energetic performance of The Phoenix From their latest album Save rock and Roll.
Their set list was amazing they played 16 songs plus a 3 song encore.
Fall out Boy was amazing! They had so much energy and they sounded spot on, maybe even better than the studio versions.
Besides their old hits like This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms and Dance, Dance they also played some hit songs from their latest album like Alone Together, Death Valley and Just One Yesterday and an amazing cover of the timeless Michael Jackson hit Beat It.
All in all I had a blast, and it was just plain and simply amazing. 


List | Current Cuties Feb '14

Hi everyone!
Today I'll be sharing some eyecandy with the ladies.
As a girl, me and my friends are gushing over pretty boys on a regular base, but these three guys have us totally hooked at the moment, and not just because of their pretty looks.

1) Logan Lerman

I think you all know Logan Lerman, he is an amazing actor and he is also super cute.
Total fangirls like me have probably enjoyed films like The Perks of being a Wallflower, Stuck in Love and both the Percy jackson films.So conclusion. Logan is Pretty and talented, and we lovooe looking at him

2) Dylan o'Brien

Not only is he a cute actor on the MTV show Teen Wolf, he also drums in a band, produces comedic shorts and is the star of the upcoming fanboy/girl movie The Maze Runner.Dylan is also really talented and also really cute!

3) Max Schneider

This pretty boy has an impressive resume; Singer-Songwriter, dancer, actor, model and musician.Max is super talented, you really should check out his youtube channel and enjoy his various covers of amazing songs, and he recently released his new single with music video called Mugshot.Besides being all hot and talented, he's also friends with some real cool people like Victoria Justice since he has worked for nickelodeon in multiple shows behind and infront of the camera.


Personal | Photo diary Feb. '14

I'm sitting on my bed going through some photos from this February that was filled with so much fun with my friends, I had a lot of good food and I had some really amazing parties, there even where some moments I may have felt butterflies with someone, which means 2014 is really starting out great... perhaps.

this month (like every other) was filled with a lot of food, since I am trying to eat a bit more healthy I made some Whole-wheat freanch toast with blueberries and whipped cream because I couldn't control myself. 

I have pretty long schooldays, most of them from 8.15 till 16.15 :((( but thank god for gap hours, especially the ones around 12 'o clock because then we can go out lunching in the city.
My newest obsession is fresh mint tea and bacon bread from the La Place (Dutch restaurant chain)

This month I also had my spring break which meant sleeping in till late <3 I have spent a lot more hours than normal in these extremely comfy flannel PJ's from H&M.

I am currently obsessed with lipstick, I don't wear much make-up, the only thing wear is lipstick and sometimes a little bit mascara, but these lipsticks are my faves, 2 from rimmel London and one from Sisley mom bought me for Christmas.

In February I also went shopping in Almere (Primark!) so me and Merel also went for some coffee at Mockamore, their white memories is the best, love the caramel and nougat in the coffee <3__<3

On valentine’s day I didn't do anything exciting since I didn't have a valentine (I've never had one XD) so me and some friends decided to be act like old ladies and went for a high tea here in our home town.

Again proof of me trying to be healthy and quitting eating pizza everyday :D some fresh and sweet mango, one of my fave fruits <3

And last but now least tea, green tea to be precise, the tea I live for now.

xx ish