Personal | Utrecht Diary

Hey loves!
Last week I was absent due a week long intensive dance camp, It was so much fun and I’ve learnt so much from all the amazing professional teachers, from capoeira to tango.
Because my dad missed me he wanted to take me and my little brother out for a day of shopping in Utrecht, I love Utrecht, it feels like Amsterdam but smaller and cosier.
The shopping was a huge success, and my dad picked these amazing snakeskin printed Vans for me (I wanted the storm trooper ones but they weren't available in my size)
Hope you guys are enjoying the amazing weather and loving summer!
xx ish


Outfit | Cause even though I shouldn't want it I gotta have it

Hi lovelies!
Aargh I feel so much more me with my new hair! 
I'm telling you a fresh new coupe can totally change you, and I'm so loving it.
The weather here in Holland has been weird, during the day it's scorching hot and moist but in the evening all hell breaks loose with heavy rain and thunder.
That's why these pictures are sunny and happy, and I'm typing this in my room while my TV has to be at volume 80 to be louder than the thunder :(
Anyways, I'm having an amazing summer holiday and today was no exception, just picnicking and catching up with my friend Amber and walking in my new buckled sandals from sacha :D
Enjoy dears!
xx ish

White crop top New Yorker, High waist denim shorts Pull & Bear, Black bowler hat H&M, Black buckled sandals Sacha


Personal | Happy New Hair!

Hi lovelies!
Just a quick post (including quick iPhone pictures) of my new hair!
I was so sick of the long do I wanted to try something totally diffrent, it's way shorter and a lot browner.
It's been dyed in way that when my hair grows longer it will look more like a ombre, it's an ombre right now too but just a very heavy one :D
I'm super happy with it, but let me know what you think :D
xx ish